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Bush and Wilton Limited and Bush and Wilton, Inc. are leading providers of rotary valves, rotary airlock, slide gate valves, diverter valves, pinch valves, rotary airlocks, butterfly valves as well as piping sections principally for handling of powders, flakes, chips and other dry materials.  Products also find application in liquid handling, as well.  Bush and Wilton Limited, located in the United Kingdom, is responsible for marketing products in all areas of the world outside of North America.  Bush and Wilton, Inc., located in Charlotte, North Carolina, has marketing responsibility for the United States and Canada.

The Bush and Wilton product line includes rotary valves and rotary airlock valves.  The rotary valve selection includes many variations such as standard rotary valves, offset rotary valves, blow-through rotary valves and special dust collector rotary valves.  Ratings for the rotary valve line range from 50-350 psig.  Most rotary valves are available in cast aluminum, iron, stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy and Ni-hard and with a variety of metallic coatings.  Oversize rotary airlocks and custom valves are also available.

Bush and Wilton's slide gate valves begin with quality one-piece castings in aluminum, cast iron or cast stainless steel.  Slide gate valves can be operated with a variety of manual, pneumatic and electric actuators.  Custom fabricated valves are available in any size and configuration.  Bush and Wilton slide gate valves slides are sealed  internally by a replaceable polyurethane or steel wiper ring.  The end of the slide plate on the slide gate valve is sealed with an adjustable packing gland.  Between the two seals is a wiper blade that ensures long seal life on the slide gate valve.

Bush and Wilton also produces a broad range of diverter valves.  Our gravity and conveying diverter valve line is designed for reliable operation and long life.  The Bush and Wilton DG Gravity Diverters are for gravity flow applications.  These diverter valves have mild or stainless steel construction with standard sizes from 4" to 12" and up to 24" custom designs. Round or square flanges can be provided.  DM conveying diverters are for gravity feed, dilute or dense phase pneumatic conveyors.  These diverter valves are vailable with flanged or tube connections for abrasive applications, polyurethane liners and hardened steel flaps are available. Other variations in the diverter valves line include diverting rotary valves, slide box diverter valves, plug diverter valves and double slide gate diverter valves.

Inline pinch valves offer a smooth internal profile suitable for powders, granules, slurries, liquids and gases in gravity, pressure and vacuum conveying ducts and pipelines.  They are easily installed and require minimal maintenance.  The hand operated anvil
 type piston on a pinch valve closes a reinforced rubber sleeve by pinching it, while compressed air or suitable fluid accomplishes a bubble-tight seal on a heavy duty elastomer sleeve in the pneumatic version.

The butterfly valve has been developed to answer demands from the process industry for a performance valve that's capable of giving a high degree of shut-off while still achieving a minimal amount of damage to the product being handled.  The butterfly valve handles a wide range of products including powders, granules and liquids.  An extensive choice of sizes is available in Bush and Wilton's butterfly valves for either manual or pneumatic actuation.

Bush and Wilton's Ni-Hard corners, wyes and pipe sections allow customers to cope with a whole list of abrasive materials including sand, cement, quarry dust, granite dust, sinter dust, slag, coal and many others which cause extra wear on pipe
bends of conventional material.  We provide a range of Ni-Hard castings, standard and special radius plain bends with replaceable wear-back plates and "saddle-back" in-service repair attachments for plain bends and "T" and "Y" branches.  Corners are available with plain or flanged ends,  Ni-Hard bends are essential for the efficient conveying of abrasive materials. 

In summation, if your plant requires controlled movement of material through ducting or pipe, Bush and Wilton can provide the products and expertise you need for efficiency, safety and minimal maintenance.  Whether you need a single rotary valve, rotary airlock, slide gate valve, diverter valve, pinch valve, butterfly valve or hardened corner...or a complete system, Bush and Wilton can be your dependable supplier worldwide.